Wedding Program

Welcoming Session (~ 30 minutes)

This lovely set of tunes was assembled to welcome guests, and put them in a serene frame of mind, ready to consider the moment. They are mostly traditional Celtic tunes with melodies you may recognize. For this set we play the small pipes. These smaller cousins of the Great Highland pipes provide a rich acoustic sound without an overpowering presence, so conversations will not be disrupted. Some tunes in the middle of the set may be dropped due to time constraints, but the last tune, Ode to Joy, is intended to signal the beginning of the wedding ceremony.

Small Pipes w/ Bodhran

bullet Sine Bhan (Fair Jean) / Morag of Dunvegan
bullet Dark Island / On Top of the Clints
bullet Dusty Pipes / Loch Ruan
bulletThe Damson Tree / Summertime / Ay Fond Kiss / The Mill Mill o’
bullet Nut Brown Maiden / Cradle Song
bullet Hector the Hero / An Drochaid Chluteach
bulletMary Scot / Orange and Blue
bulletLa Boum / Echo Lake
bullet Endearing Young Charms / Ode to Joy

Grand Session (~ 3 - 20 minutes)

 This set of tunes provide a grand musical accompaniment for the bride and groom at the conclusion of the ceremony as they move to their next venue.  It begins with the pronouncement of the marriage by the officiate (“kiss the bride”).  Sometimes the bride and groom exit down the aisle and head for a reception at another location, in which case we continue to play as the guests exit and get into their cars.  Sometimes the couple just turns to greet their guests, in which case one tune is all that is required.

This first tune should be a personal choice of the bride and groom. Our couple selected Scotland the Brave although there are many wonderful choices. 

Highland Pipes and Drums

bulletScotland the Brave / Rowan Tree
bulletBonnie Dundee / Steamboat
bulletShe Moved through the Fair / Back to Donegal
bulletThe Jolly Beggarman / The Circassian Circle
bullet Minstrel Boy / Wearing of the Green
bullet Old Rustic Bridge / Flett from Flotta / Mairi’s Wedding
bulletBarnyards of Delgaty / Bonnie Lass of Fyvie
bulletSuo Gan / Battle of Waterloo
bullet 76th Edinburgh Tattoo / Wha saw the 47th / Wings
bulletHighland Cathedral

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