Festival Program

Grand March Session (~ 20 minutes)

Our first session makes a grand entrance and can proclaim the beginning of the festivities.  Keep in mind that our highland band is also a marching band.  We can lead a parade around your festival grounds with other performers.   

Highland Pipes and Drums

bullet Minstrel Boy / Wearing of the Green
bullet Old Rustic Bridge / Flett From Flotta / Mairi’s Wedding
bullet Back to Donegal / Bonnie Dundee / Steamboat
bullet She Moved Thru the Fair / Leaving Liverpool
bullet Barnyards of Delgaty / Bonnie Lass of Fyvie
bullet Jolly Beggarman / Suo Gan / Battle of Waterloo

Small Pipes Session (~30 minutes)

The small pipe session is a more intimate and sculpted performance.  It is intended to be an entertaining focal point, as opposed to background music.  Along with the small pipes it incorporates hand drums, penny whistle, and some Celtic dance displays.  It is presented as an acoustic set for indoors or outside under cover.  It is not nearly as loud as highland pipes sessions, although we do have a PA system for amplification if necessary. 

Small Pipes, Penny Whistle, Bodhran, & Celtic Dancing

bullet Sine Bhan (Fair Jean) / Morag of Dunvegan
bullet Summertime / Mill Mill’O
bullet Lindesfarne
bullet Teviotside / Butter’d Peas
bullet Paddy’s Leather Breeches / Lie Peacefully
bullet An Drochaid Chluteach
bullet Rona Morgana
bullet Morrisons jig
bullet Ballydesmond Polka
bulletHumours of Tuaimgréine
bullet Oer the Bows to Ballindalloch / Campbeltown Kiltie Ball / Willie Davie
bullet St Jean-De-Vignes
bullet Callum Mo Ruinsa
bullet Orange & Blue / Ale is Dear

Finale Session (~20 minutes)

We generally try to rev the crowd up in our final session.  These are some very familiar tunes that will energize your guests and let them enjoy the rest of the day.

Highland Pipes and Drums

bulletGreen Hills of Tyrol / Battles O'er
bullet Brown Haired Maiden / High Road to Gaerloch
bullet Dark Island / Scotland the Brave / Rowan Tree
bullet Danny Boy / Wild Irish Rose / Last Rose of Summer
bulletArt O’Keefe’s / Johnny Mickey Barry’s (slides) 

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