McMulligans Pipes and Drums

LindaMae Dennis, Bill Shelton, Mark McCormick, and Patrick Hogan

The McMulligans are a quartet that play the pipes and drums around Portland, Oregon.  We have performed at weddings, festivals, pubs, and sometimes you may find us busking on street corners.

Our group produces a balanced sound with two pipers, a side snare, and a flourishing tenor.  While we don't compete with the big bands, we can produce a robust pipe band experience.

But we also have a soft and mellow side...

Big Sound or Tranquil Ambiance
Great Highland Bagpipes and the 'Small Pipes'

Our pipers play the Great Highland Bagpipes and the small pipes, sometimes called kitchen pipes.  For big halls and outdoor venues the Highland pipes will fill the space and provide a grand musical flourish to your event.  The small pipes on the other hand, work well indoors and out and provide mellow harmonies with fewer decibels so as not to inhibit the conversations among your guests.

For events like weddings we play a session of small pipe tunes as a welcoming overture.  To add emphasis and attention around the moment of the ceremony we play the Great Highland pipes and perform traditional tunes for the occasion.  For example during a wedding procession we could play Highland Cathedral and after the declaration we could play Ode to Joy.   Of course the tune list is personal choice for the couple to decide. 

Programs, Playlists, and audio clips:

Click here for an example wedding program.


Click here for our festival program.

For more information about the McMulligans contact Patrick Hogan.

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